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Introducing the ARM Software Development Kit by Richtech Robotics: Unleashing AI Power for Robotic Arms


Richtech Robotics proudly presents the ARM Software Development Kit (SDK), a pioneering software solution meticulously crafted for developers, engineers, and robotics enthusiasts. This SDK is designed to bridge the gap between advanced artificial intelligence and robotic arm technology, enabling users to unlock the full potential of their robotic hardware with AI-driven capabilities. Tailored for those who demand precision, adaptability, and intelligence in automation, the ARM SDK paves the way for a new era in robotics development.


Key Features:

  • Advanced AI Integration: The ARM SDK is centered around a powerful AI engine, enabling robotic arms to execute complex tasks with remarkable intelligence and flexibility. This software empowers your robotic arms to handle intricate assembly, precise manipulation of delicate items, and adapt to new tasks through learning, setting a new standard in automation.

  • User-Friendly Development Environment: With an emphasis on accessibility, the SDK offers a comprehensive suite of tools and libraries that cater to both novice and experienced programmers. The intuitive programming interface and extensive documentation streamline the development process, allowing for quick and efficient customization of robotic applications.

  • Seamless Hardware Compatibility: Although the ARM SDK does not include the physical robotic arm hardware, it is designed for seamless integration with a wide range of robotic arms. This versatility ensures that regardless of the specific hardware used, developers can harness the power of AI to enhance their robotic solutions.

  • Dynamic Simulation Tools: Included within the SDK are advanced simulation tools that allow developers to test and refine their applications in a virtual environment. This not only accelerates the development cycle but also significantly reduces the risk and cost associated with physical trials.

  • Expansive Learning Resources: Richtech Robotics is committed to supporting developers in their journey, providing an extensive array of learning materials. From detailed tutorials and example projects to an active community forum, users have everything they need to explore the capabilities of AI-powered robotics and bring their innovative ideas to life.



  • Compatibility: Designed for a broad range of robotic arm hardware
  • Programming Languages: Support for Python, C++, and ROS
  • AI Capabilities: Machine learning, computer vision, and adaptive control algorithms
  • Connectivity: Supports USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for easy integration with existing systems
  • System Requirements: Compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS


Ideal For:

  • Developers seeking to integrate AI capabilities into robotic arms
  • Engineering firms looking to enhance automation in manufacturing
  • Educational institutions aiming to provide cutting-edge robotics and AI learning experiences
  • Robotics hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts eager to explore AI's potential


ARM Software Development Kit(SDK)

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