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Richtech AI Spearheads Contactless Temperature Screening Solutions as Businesses Reopen

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

This company offers a fast and less intrusive way to protect customers and employees of businesses resuming operations amidst the pandemic

Many businesses around the country have resumed operations despite the threats of COVID-19 as we enter the “new normal”. Richtech AI, a technology solutions provider partnered with Cigna Health, is currently the leader in contactless temperature screening solutions with their automated artificial intelligence (AI) temperature screening system (AATSS) to help businesses protect their customers and employees in a fast and non-intrusive manner.

According to Richtech AI, the AATSS is fast and accurate, providing businesses the first line of defense against infectious diseases like COVID-19. The technology uses an advanced medical-grade near-infrared sensory array and AI-driven facial recognition technology that takes 64 points of measurement from the surface of the skin. This way, the AATSS offers extremely reliable temperature readings in just 2-3 seconds.

Designed as an all-in-one solution, the AATSS is easy to implement and provides a full suite of software features including health Q&As, automated alerts, and remote reporting. The V2 Pro Enterprise model provides multi-level options for data storage, temperature display, and face recognition, with industry leading data security protocols throughout.

Currently, thousands of businesses across the US have already implemented the AATSS as part of their COVID-19 preventative procedures.

“… these temperature screening devices enhance the safety, convenience, and efficiency for all employees and keep our organization in compliance with statutory health orders. The product is intuitive, easy to deploy, and elicits a natural adoption capability with no training whatsoever. Users immediately see the benefit to themselves, to their teams, and the company as a whole. Richtech affords a measurable multiplier for ease, accuracy, and efficiency of use compared to handheld devices. Our throughput time for processing thousands of screenings has reduced by 2/3 with this technology, and the facial recognition, face mask detection, access control, data capture and reporting capabilities are best in class,” according to Jared Giangiulio, VP of the Gemological Institute of America.

One place where there is particularly high demand for this technology is in public institutions like schools and universities. Anna Gunthrap, Assistant Superintendent at the Starkville-Oktibbeha Consolidated School District, says “the Richtech thermal imaging system has made it very easy for us to be able to screen our students, staff, and visitors as they enter our buildings. The email notification allows our school nurses and administrators to follow up immediately with anyone presenting with a fever before they interact with other people in the building. We also love the mask feature, which is a daily reminder for anyone entering our buildings on the proper way to wear a face covering.”

As America moves into the recovery phase of this global pandemic, the changes we have made to our daily lives seem here to stay, and new technologies like the AATSS are being developed to accommodate society’s newfound desire to be safer in the workplace.

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About Richtech AI

Richtech AI is a branch of Richtech Systems, an international multimedia solutions provider focusing on providing effective, innovative solutions to businesses and governments around the world. With almost two decades of experience serving clients in over 120 countries, Richtech is an established player in cutting edge technologies such as infrared sensing, computer vision, and multimedia displays.


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