Protect your customers and hardworking employees

Promote a safe working environment

Your First Line of Defense Against COVID-19 and Other Infectious Diseases

Automated Temperature Screening System

Fast & Accurate within

±0.5°F in 2 seconds

Follows FDA COVID-19

Policy Guidance

Simple Setup &

Fully Automated

Instant SMS & Email



Live Monitoring

Push notifications help you to view your data, anyplace at anytime.

Cloud Capability

Direct AATSS integration and record keeping is backed up to a secure cloud system.


Badge Printing

Customized badges designed for maximum security and safety.

Health Screening 

Fully customizable questionnaire keeps your company informed.


Time Attendance

The AATSS automatically tracks your employee hours whenever they clock-in. Stay on time, and on track.

  • IDs and registers each employee’s clock-in for ultimate accuracy

  • Stores and updates employee info in a secure portal for safe access

  • Tracks payroll, PTO, and more automatically

  • Use CDC approved covid questionnaires, or create your own with our user-friendly portal

  • Create and send QR codes that act as keys for healthy employees to clock-in

  • Keep healthy workers coming in, and sick employees out

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The Automated AI Temperature Screening System (AATSS) is your business's fastest

and least intrusive way to protect your customers and employees.

Keep your employees safe with daily temperature checks and be notified immediately if someone has a fever. 

The CDC recommends daily temperature checks and screening questionnaires to fight COVID-19.  

Ensure a Safe Workspace

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The Future of Workplace Safety

As a fully automated system, the AATSS V2 Pro provides extremely accurate temperature readings, instantaneous temperature alerts through multiple notification channels, and automatically records data for easy recordkeeping and reporting.

Promote a safer working environment

Find Out Why More Businesses Are Choosing RICHTECH

The AATSS is utilized by companies large and small. Our compact design and simple interface makes installation and accessibility easy. From hospitals to restaurants and everything in-between, our temperature screening system can improve your workspace and create a healthier environment for everyone. 


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