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Richtech Systems was founded in 2003 and has been a multi-media solutions provider for large businesses for the last 17 years, and currently has clients in over 120 countries worldwide. As a response to the dangers of COVID-19, Wayne Huang, our founder and CEO, founded Richtech AI, and created a line of autonomous temperature screening systems which revolutionized existing temperature screening systems and met the demands of a new marketplace. 


Our automated AI temperature screening systems, or AATSS, was designed with the American business consumer in mind. It functions to bring safety to the workplace, and provides all features that were requested by businesses in our initial market research. It is registered with the FDA as a fever detection kit, and is ADA and HIPAA compliant. This article will provide a deep dive into the functionalities of our system, and why it has earned its place as the number one thermal temperature screening system in America.

20200623_50557_AATSS Infographic_v4-web.

The latest iteration and our flagship product, the V2 Pro, features top-of-the-line hardware components, from its medical grade thermal sensor to its wide-angle Sony camera and IP 65 housing. Dual fill lights provide illumination to improve facial recognition accuracy. Out of the box, the V2 Pro comes with face mask detection, record keeping and identity verification capabilities, access control integration, and is also water and dust resistant.

Our system is built to be convenient, friendly, unobtrusive, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Temperatures can be taken in under 3 seconds from a distance of 2-4 feet, and are accurate within .5 degrees, exceeding the CDC’s guidelines of .9 degrees for field COVID screening. Data security is also incredibly important to us and our clients, and the device is encrypted at every level, from field database encryption, password protection, to HTTPS data transmission, so all data is protected both at rest and in transit. Additionally, the V2 Pro only stores data on a LAN which ensures no unauthorized access. 


A user steps in front of our system. The internal motion sensors immediately detect his presence and automatically calibrates to the ambient temperature of the environment, and then uses machine vision to identify the location of his face. The system then collects 65 points of relevant temperature data, excluding readings from hair, glasses, a face mask, etc. Finally, the AI algorithm smoothes over that data to remove measurement errors, and returns a temperature reading in just under 3 seconds from beginning to end.

From there, the next step is decided by the client. An email or text message notification may be sent out so that the correct member of the team will immediately be notified when a fever has been directed, and the message that displays on screen can be changed to direct action based on internal protocols. You can choose to have temperature readings saved and sent via an excel spreadsheet at the end of the day. Screening data is saved to the encrypted hard drive of the device by default, but this can be shut off by the user, and saved data can be purged. The RTSP live feed can also be integrated with security systems.


One of the first questions our engineering team wanted to tackle was how to make our system work outdoors. We have achieved this with the V2 Pro as it is weatherproof, water resistant, and comes with a detachable visor to protect it from prolonged sun exposure. The thermal camera is set more deeply within the unit to prevent temperature interference from outdoor elements, and has been heat-treated so it will not be affected by the internal heat generated from the device. Its IP 65 housing makes it water resistant, and it can function and provide accurate readings in ambient temperatures ranging from 35-96 degrees Fahrenheit. 

To complete your system, we offer seven mounting options, from a simple wall mount, desktop mount, adjustable arm, and display pedestal, all the way to adjustable height stands and turnstiles already integrated into our temperature screeners. The adjustable height stand is a perfect option for hospitals and schools, allowing for temperature screening despite height differences or being wheelchair-bound.

We at Richtech have built the AATSS for retail and business purposes in mind to be autonomous and unobtrusive. The happiness of our clients comes first and foremost, and we always welcome the feedback of our customers and incorporate these suggestions into our software updates and future iterations. If there’s a feature you’d like to see, please let us know! Our goal is to be the leader in this new space of corporate health awareness and disease prevention. Our partnerships with ADP, Kronos, and other companies down the line will make integration with our system even easier, and we also have an UV disinfecting unit which will be coming to market soon as part of our preventative plan.

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