Introducing the Fully Integrated QR Kiosk.


Integrated with our AATSS V3, our Fully Integrated QR Kiosk allows you to ask your employees critical questions about their recent exposure to COVID-19 while also providing badge printing capability. 



  • Fully Customizable Integrated Questionnaire
  • Direct AATSS Integration and Record Keeping
  • Daily Employee Email Reminders
  • Departmental Management & Employee Grouping
  • Access Control Customization
  • Fully Customizable Printed Badges 
  • Live Monitoring Capability
  • Face Mask Detection


What's included:

  • AATSS V3  - Enterprise Edition (ADA & HIPAA Compliant)

  • QR Kiosk with Integrated Badge Scanner and Printer

  • 1 Roll of 300 Lables

  • 4ft Power Cable

  • Instruction Manual


* Additional rolls of labels can be purchased here

** Requires health questionnaire platform for full functionality

Fully Integrated QR Kiosk (All-In-One Solution)

  • Anywhere in the continental United States & Canada.