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Thermal Scanning: The safest and fastest solution during COVID-19.

Automated Temperature Screening Systems are becoming the new norm amidst the pandemic, and for good reason. This solution allows healthcare workers to stay safer, patients to be seen faster, and medical providers to focus all their attention on their main priorities of patient care.

As the economy slowly reopens, and social distancing becomes less distant, the need for quick and effective solutions has never been more present. Medical centers experiencing high volumes of traffic must ensure a safe means to social distancing while still providing the best level of care to their patients. Thermal temperature scanning is currently the safest and most reliable solution to eliminating long wait times, and crowded lines. Medical facilities in Houston, Texas have implemented several thermal temperature scanners into their buildings to assist in their mission to screen patients quickly and effectively.

“In most locations, like the Cullen entrance at the flagship hospital, we have 1,000 or so folks who come through around the shift change at 6:15 in the morning and then at the same time in the evening,” said John Calhoun, a project manager for Memorial Hermann Health System who assists with improvements and innovation around the campus.

When COVID-19 first emerged, healthcare professionals took manual temperature readings on every single patient who entered the hospital at its front door.

“In between each temperature, they had to sanitize the thermometers,” Calhoun said. “Just think about 1,000 people and the lines. The longer the line, the less likely that people are going to be 6 feet apart. We realized we had to improve the flow from a safety perspective.”

After weeks of research, the hospital came up with an all in one solution to this problem. By implementing thermal temperature scanners into their facility, all patients had to do was step into a box and wait 2-5 seconds for their temperature to be scanned. This allowed more patients to be seen, and more medical providers to spend time treating them, versus being tasked with manual temperature scans all day. The hospital's long term goals now include complete integration of automated temperature screening systems into their facilities.

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